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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
3:05 pm
The Prophecy (Mayan and Native American)
The whole point of the story is the fact that there are these six people from a particular city who's destiny is to end the world. They've been shaped for this, born for it, and everything from their upbringing to their experiences has contributed to who they are and that decides how they're going to relate to this particular prophecy.

Here is the original Text:

And I saw six beasts and on their heads were written the vile words of the unbelievers in truth.

The prophecy is Indian in nature (from his particular world) coming from a Native American Shaman and spoken to Col. Eric Robertson in 1833. Believed to be one of the newest fortellings of the end of the world (Far newer then the book of revelations) Col. Robertson dismissed it as fancy and recorded it in his diary for his ancestor, one Amnesty Harper to find. (Interestingly enough Col. Robertson never settled in Hope City and had no connection to the location other then the fact that his great great great great granddaughter moved there after college)

It goes a little something like this.

And walking with the evil there were six beasts, and I saw six beasts and on their heads were written vile words of the unbelievers. They shall burn away the old gods of the earth and trees and set discord among the mother's children. Those who remain shall have no choice but to obey their rule, and in their wake there shall be only silence watched over by a woman who's horse is pale and red.

And an arrow shall fall from the heavens and you shall know my messengers by the signs they do. I am Yathe, the Omega, the end of mankind, and in the wake of my harbringers all that you know is at an end..

Now see, ordinarily people would take that with a grain of salt like the smucky bunk that it is yes? Except for the fact that right after the pleaoside meteor shower...Scott started having bad dreams. And after the dreams came the flames.

He and Regina Sanchez (Death) Leonard Starkley (Obedience) Kate Voss (Discord) Kyle Carter (Silence) are supposedly going to end the world.

There is a sixth, Eleanor, who has the ability to hear death's approach, but without giving too much of the story away let's say she's not a Harbringer but somethin completely different.

What Amnesty and the others discover is that there is a second prophecy (In essence making the whole thing true) written in the Mayan Calander.

And before the coming of the fourth and final world there shall be heralds of Ah Puch and from his mouth there will be six great owls and their coming shall be the end of all things.

In Maya mythology, Ah Puch (Alternatively Ahpuch or Hun ahau where the first /a/ is sometimes omitted if the words are pronounced continuously) was the God of death and King of Metnal, the underworld. He was depicted as a skeleton or corpse adorned with bells, sometimes the head of an owl; even today, some Mexicans and Central Americans believe that an owl's screeches signify imminent death, as the following saying, in local Spanish, indicates:

Cuando el tecolote canta... el indio muere (When the great owl sings, the Indian dies)

Now perhaps you begin to see where Eleanor gets her ability to hear death? In essence she is hearing the approach of Ah Puch, the bells on his feet ringing his coming.

Each of the characters was bred for this particular circumstance. Scott's ability descends from his ancestor, Steven Connors bride and the bad luck that his family has had since then is a sign of the curse placed upon them. (His own luck, his great grandfather killing himself).

The mystic is actually very explainable in this world,and while these six characters are the only ones to have abilities currently, they won't be the last I can promise you that. Rather then have it be an evolutionary process it's going to take quite a bit of time and involve some...otherworldly forces.

You get it right? there are gods who are angels of the one and it is to them that he delegates the ruling of mankind. The gods are going to meddle. Or if you prefer, DNA is going to take it's course.

The light

The light comes from China, specifically the Canton region. He speaks excellent english and acts (for the most part) like the buddha come again. He has no connection to any of the main religions of the region however. As he tells Amnesty, he simply "comes" and when he arrives there shall be great joy.

What they don't think of, or question, is just who is going to be joyful at his coming? And why?

Something to think about.
2:20 pm
Lake Wasanogee
Lake Wasanogee was discovered by accident when one of the first settlers (town historians like to say it was ole' custer himself) ran out onto a ledge screamed, "lOOK! WATER!" And promptly fell headfirst into the lake nearly killing himself.

An oddity (and believed to be an overly large oaisis, the Tucket River flows directly into the lake and then...stays there. Consequently the lake has continued to rise. Bordered to the left by the Hampton Flats and to the right by the desert and The neon strip, Lake Wasanogee is a placid body of water sporting zero fishing and a large stretch of lake for people to waterski on.

The name Lake Wasanogee derives from the local indian tribe, although if you asked anyone they'd probably be unable to tell you what it means. Lake Wasanogee sports the Emmett Point Park and the Parkside Cemetaries along with the now closed and borded up Lake Wasanogee Youth Camp:

Lake Wasanogee Youth Camp: Local Legends and Ghost Stories.Collapse )

Emmett Point Park and the Mystery of the Dead and Dying Civil War Reinactors.Collapse )
1:44 pm
The Neon Strip
The Neon strip is an eyesore that councilmember of Hope City have reviled since the day that Big Jim Hoskins put the first car-dealership up out on route 81. It started as a way to separate the city’s numerous car dealerships from the rest of the city. Believing that it would cut down on traffic congestion the city delegated several tracts of land owned by the Connors and Pritchard Families to be used for its development. Big Jim, hailing from Las Vegas, bought discount Neon from the Vegas City graveyard, reshaped it, and turned his four dealerships into a landmark location.

Big Jim Hoskins and his little Las Vegas.Collapse )

During the sixties, the Pritchard Family’s local activist Diana tried to encourage housing development out along the strip in the hope that doing so would cause some of the seedy nature of the place to die off. She and a group of hippies protested each new dealership and fast food establishment, going so far as to chain themselves to a group of trees to prevent a bulldozer from knocking them down and paving the way for another MacDonald’s. The Businesses pooled their money and bribed Tom Lactic, a state senator, to issue an injunction against ever building domestic property or office buildings off the strip. Because of the revenue generated (both by the bribe and by the actual incorporation) It became illegal to build anything but approved properties by The Neon Strip Group, the collection of businesses that owned the mile long stretch of highway.

Saving a historical landmark. The fight to save the Neon Strip Car Mall. Tony Chao, the City's councilman and how he legalized gambling in the state of California.Collapse )

The Neon strip remains a california landmark with a rich and varied history steepled in the city nearby and the rest of the state. It embodies everything about America that can be great and terrible all at once. Located just outside the city through the desert (It's positioned right on the drive to Lake Wanasogee.

The strip's original four dealerships remain now as museums showcasing cars during the 1950s and 1960s. Big Dinosaur deals is now a children's playground with prehistoric themed equiptment and a rollercoaster that takes you through a wild jungle ride and past a realistic (Bought on sale from Universal Studios in the tradition of Ole' Big Jim.) T-Rex. There's also a hotel where visitors sleep in foliage infested rooms, turn on television sets carved from faux stone, and bath in communal japanese style hotsprings out where the rest of the hotel is supposed to be.

(Big Dinosaur deals was bought by the Japanese during the economic development of the 1990s and soon re-purchased by Hilton who added the hotel and the classier decor.)

Despite the family atmosphere the strip also plays host to several lower end aspects of human nature. It is not a safe place to wander alone, is noted gang territory, and consumes most of the city's resources as far as police, fire, and welfare are considered.

(Fire captain Scott Fitzgerald is heard as saying, "The place is a fucking Dive. It's like a cheap hooker that puts on a hell of alot of makeup. At night it's pretty, but in the daytime it's just sad. The cheap hooker goes back to being a drunkard." )
1:09 pm
Hope City
Hope City:

Based On: Los Angeles
Status: Fictional.

Hope City was founded by a group of settlers looking for just that, hope, and the will to escape the vicious war for independence being fought by the Mexicans. Primarily white, Hope City's original founders swore that they would open the city to all who'd care to come, attracting a large Mexican population that became a key ingredient to the city's demographic. It prospered thanks to a large and populous bay, bringing cargo in from San Mexico and South America and shipping it up the coast thanks to the city's bustling train depot.

Hope City is one of the few cities in the world that posess town elders (Literal as well as supposedly fictional) Starting with the great Custer Pruewitt, city founder, who was supposedly a deserter from the Union Army. Custer was known for being a bit of a ladykiller and is believed to have sired the two major families. (At least they like to say so. This has been a constant source of feud between the two.)

Like the capulets and the Montagues, the Pritchard and the Conners clans have remained aloof and refused to allow members of their various families to marry throughout the city's growth. During the 1900s, Tony Pritchard met and married Elizabeth Vargas, a Mexican girl, which further inflamed the feud. You can always tell the Pritchard descendants from the Conners descendants, they stand on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

The Conner Family: Blood, Honor, and a Bit of Magic. (A true story of money, power, strange occurances, and the uppercrust of American Society) Collapse )

The Conners closest relatives are the Fitzgeralds of Emmett Point, a noted firefighting family. The relationship began with one Emil Fitzgerald who broke the family tradition of founding (and maintaining) the Hope City Fire Department by becoming a supreme court judge. He married into the Conners family with the blessing of Stephanie Conners's mother and father both, had a son and a daughter, and promptly died of an overdose. This severed whatever ties the Fitzgeralds might have had with the family. Old families do talk, and to this day the legacy of Emil Fitzgerald who rose above his station and was poisoned for it remains a family legend.

(Interestingly enough, this fostered the common belief from the Fitzgerald Clan that it's bad luck to be anything but a fireman or related to fires in some way. Since then like clockwork, the men of the Fitzgerald Family have been involved in fire prevention while the women have married other firefighters of the city).

Cady Fitzgerald, Grandmother to Rufus, Richard, Elisa, and Scott Fitzgerald was family record keeper for numerous years. She's been quoted several times as saying that the Conners rose above their station, married the wrong kind, and passed the bad blood into a good family.

The Pritchard Family: The People's politicians to the core.Collapse )

Hope City, above all, is a city of extremes. Founded by settlers looking for hope the city continues to inspire and disgust America at Large. People go to Hope City to do two things: Read at one of the city's beautiful libraries or spend money and time at the city's den of iniquity also known as the Neon Strip. It's a modern Sodom and Gammorah divided into Four Sections with various suburbs and other locals besides the city's most noted landmarks. When planning (Or directing visitors to Hope City) People usually classify the different areas by the library marking them as distinct from the rest of the city. A discourse on these follows:

(For the sake of Time I'm going to go through the two most important to the story)

Library Designed by Keevin Jones: Walk through a spaceship into a futuristic wonderland that includes an antigravity simulator (It's lame, it only floats things about the size of a pencil) and the first electronic librarian system, this library is located in the warf, in a relatively poor neighborhood. Because of the location, the city employs a 24 hour security guard, but most people don't have to worry. Walt Disney is quoted as saying "If you make a place beautiful people won't want to destroy it) and that's very clear here.

The warf is actually home to several businesses and the city's financial district. The port isn't large enough for cruise ships, but the Conners family docks it's boat, the Alabaster Queen there, several spaces down from the Pritchard Family Boat, The Wild Lionness. The Warf also sports the main downtown mall overlooking the bay featuring the movie theater and a fire department built into the mall itself (This has to do with a rather long and complicated story about how the first mall kept burning down and the designer in a fit of insanity situated the fire department within the mall itself.

Library Designed by Walt Emerson.: Downtown is mostly residential (surprisingly) with very few business save for large corporate giants needing big glass officcebuildings. In contrast to that, Vistors walk back through time in Emerson's library past artistic sculptures commissioned by the city paper's art section. Children are then escorted along an earthquake simulator into a room filled with squishy armchairs and a playroom for babies so that their parents can research or do their work rather then be disturbed. (The room is conviently soundproofed)

The library is located directly next to the city's paper, The Hope Times founded in 1880. Visitors to the library can book tours to the paper itself as the building's interconect, however the printing press can be heard in the basement which tends to shake and disturb some of the senior citizens in the library proper.

Other noted libraries include Cathy Chase's Building, which is designed to look like an english garden, Veronica Cartwright's building which stands in the middle of a suburb and acts as an homage to modern art.

The Jim Hoskins Center for Reading and Literary Development Due to be completed in 2020, the JHCRL will be the first library circumventing the 1960 injunction against building anything that's not entertainment on the strip. How did they get around this? the JHCRL will be the first library to showcase a complete collection of playboy along with pornography throughout the ages and a DVD library borrowed from and sponsered by Blockbuster Video. Admittance to this library will be 18 and over with a two-dollar covercharge.
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